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I was on MLB Network’s Hot Stove show this morning. I called in and they used a headshot I supplied. I gave them a choice: this one in the suit or the black and white one I use as my avatar on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. They chose the suit. I figured they would.

I was not expecting the grid over my face like this. Kinda makes me look like a criminal. Not that that’s a bad thing given that I was sorta set up to be the “bad guy” in the segment (which I knew was gonna happen). But it was still strange.

Twitter commenters said I looked like a suspect in the Kennedy assassination or one of the mission control people in “Apollo 13.”  I can see that too.

TV is weird. 

  1. elisa365 said: I’m sad they didn’t Clutch Cargo your headshot and make your lips move as you spoke.
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